The Best Turin Pool Halls & Billiard Shops 

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Over the next few minutes we will be taking you on a deep dive into the best pool halls and billiards shops in Turin. Whether you are looking for the top tables to play pool in your area, want to buy some new cues, or are trying to find out about billiards leagues and tournaments around town there will be some useful info right here.

We will kick this baby off by listing the best pool halls in Turin along with bars with good tables because they are the star of the show. Whether you just want to play a game with some friends or take your action more seriously they are the epicenter of the scene.

You will also learn about local billiards shops and other stores to buy pool tables and cues near you. There might even be some info on billiard table movers, felt repairing, and other services.

Towards the end we will have a map for the area so you can figure out which spot is closest to you, and you are all welcome to check out more of our posts on this part of the world right there if you are interested.

Best Pool Halls In Turin

When you want to play pool in Turin the best billiards halls and bars would be:

All Games welcomes people of all ages and has a large number of billiard tables, card games, chess, and drinks served on the tables in an air-conditioned room. Torino Snooker Club is a local pool hall that includes a gorgeous area and a nice setting for playing with 4 snooker tables and 2 blackball pool tables. Throughout the year they also hold pool tournaments near you.

Planet Risto Cafe is a restaurant, pizza, and bar with a billiard lounge, foosball, and a wide screen where you can enjoy traditional Italian food with complimentary service and cover. You can visit them from 11am to 1am but they close at 3am on Saturday.

Local Billiards Pro Shops

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You should be able to buy pool tables, cues, and other supplies at any of these shops and some can probably help with billiard table moving and felt repairs to boot:

Deagostini Biliardi is a pool pro shop in your area that specializes in selling billiard equipment such as cues, leathers, plasters, and scorecards. LM Italia Team manufactures and sells artisan billiard cues and accessories.

Billiard tables, foosball, dartboards, supplies, pool cues and carom cloth, foosball tables, and many other products are offered at Billiardshop Shop Group who is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 12pm.

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Have Fun Playing Pool In Turin

Well guys, for now that is all we have to share. After reading about all of those local pool halls, bars with good tables, and billiards pro shops in your area you should have a much better understanding of what this town has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on the scene near you. Now go have fun visiting the best pool halls and billiards pro shops in Turin.

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