The Best Naples Pool Halls & Billiard Shops 

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We hope that everyone who found this post is ready to dive deep into the best pool halls and billiards shops in Naples. Whether you are trying to find good places to play pool in your area, want to buy some new cues, or want to learn out about billiards leagues and tournaments around town there will be plenty of useful info right here.

There is no more natural way for us to get this going than by listing the best pool halls in Naples along with bars with good tables because they are probably what most of you are after. It won’t matter if you just want to play a game with some friends or take your action more seriously they are the epicenter of the scene.

We will also be filling you in on local billiards shops and other stores to buy pool tables and cues near you. There might even be info on billiard table movers, felt repairing, and other services.

As we wrap this up you can expect there to be a map for the area to help you figure out which spot to visit, and all of our posts on other cities in Italy can be found at that link.

Best Pool Halls In Naples

Bull&Pool at Largo Francesco Celebrano, 30 is a local Billiard Club with tables for pool, tennis, foosball, and more.

Local Billiards Pro Shops

You will be able to buy pool tables, cues, and other supplies at any of these stores and some can probably help with billiard table moving and felt repairs as well:

A wide range of billiard tables, pool cues, table tennis, foosball, and accessories are offered at Lucartec Biliardi who is open from 8:30am to 7pm but they close at 1pm on Saturday and are closed on Sunday.

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Have Fun Playing Pool In Naples

For now that is all we have to share but check back in the future because we plan to update this post often. After thinking about all of those local pool halls, bars with good tables, and billiards pro shops you are probably ready to go play somewhere in your area.

Feel free to use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on the scene near you. Now go have fun visiting the best pool halls and billiards pro shops in Naples.

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